Salut à tous,

J'ai reçu le message suivant d'un producer chez le BBC, qui cherche à interviewer des français. Je ne l'ai pas traduit car l'interview devrait être en anglais! Si vous le comprenez, et le projet vous intéresse (ou si vous connaissez quelqu'un qui pourrait le faire), n'hésite pas de me faire signe sur C'est pour le fin juin/début juillet. Merci!


I’m a producer with Radio Wales, and I’m currently trying to make a radio discussion programme in France about the essential trends in French popular music. This is for broadcast on Radio 4, as part of a series looking at the songbooks of various European nations.  The aim is for 3-4 guests to contribute and contest ideas for a virtual songbook of great, popular or influential French songs. These might range from the great songs of the chanson tradition to more recent artists. On the other hand, the list might include much earlier songs such as Le temps de cerises as a song of long pedigree, and frequently sung and recorded. Naturally, what’s most important is not so much the list itself, as the discussion surrounding it, and the musical examples.

I’m looking for a music journalist with good knowledge of France’s musical heritage, media-friendly musicians, or poets. Contributors would need good spoken English.